Thursday, March 19, 2009

Washington DC Trip Pictures - Day 3

This was Tuesday, March 17th - This is day 3 of our trip in Washington DC
This is our trip to the National Zoo
This is a wall done with mosaic tiles.

This is Haley & I posing with a bear and baby bear statue.

Here is a sloth toed bear...His name was Melvin.

This is Amanda - Amanda Panda that is.

Here is a giant panda.

Here is Haleys favorite, a cheetah.

Here is an african elephant. They are HUGE!

Haleys hand in an imprint of a T-Rex handprint

This was the Botanical Gardens building (which was also free) by the Capital Building, we were not even going to go and see this but we had to use a bathroom, glad we did have to pee because this was amazing. I would highly recommend seeing this if you ever go to DC. Great photos.
Tropical Plants

This place smelled amazing.

This was a neat looking flowering plant. I wish I would have had time to see all the names of the plants I liked. Amanda had an itinerary, and this was not on it. ;)

Just some photos I snapped while walking from destination to destination.

The White House, with some very good looking Secret Service guys. And they were very friendly...Not great with directions, but nice looking so that makes up for the lack of direction giving. ;) My sister has those pictures. I will make sure to post them.

All three of us.

This picture is one of my favorites of the trip...I didnt even realize that My little sister Haley was sitting in front of the water display at the WWII Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.
Here is all 3 of us in front of the Capital Building.

WWII Memorial

More random...Arent these doors neat looking?

Washington Monument with the Capital Building behind.

WWII Monument - Sorry they are out of order.

Vietnam Memorial Wall

Air Force Pics for the Hubby.

Vietnam Statues.

Lincoln Memorial - This is a must see. So huge!

Korean War Memorial - FREEDOM IS NOT FREE

I love this wall- This is part of the Korean War Memorial.

At night lit up - It is such a breathtaking place. Everywhere you look there are amazing things to see. This is the WWII Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial behind.

Downtown China Town - When you get off the Metro you see this arch. It really smells like China!
Funny story: My Sister turned around in front of one of the restaurants to see a HUGE RAT running from a building to an alley. We decided to eat McDonalds that night.

It was neat to see...But the weirdos definatley do come out at night in China Town.
Thanks for looking! If you ever visit DC, make sure you bring comfortable shoes. There was ALOT of walking. It is definatley something that I am thankful to have see in my lifetime.