Sunday, November 26, 2006

After Thanksgiving Shopping

So I really thought that I would have woke up early to go fight the crowds! I thought about it but I think the main thing that stopped me was the -10 degree weather stopped me. I would have been one of those mad shoppers pissed at the world...not because they took the last dvd player, but probably because I would have been frozen!

Anyways I waited till the morning rush was over and went to Jo-Anns, I spent about 3 hours shopping for sale scrapbooking things. I am working on two projects...I am making a memo holder for my little sister Haley, which I finished. And I also just got started on the christmas cards. It keeps me busy...There is not that much for me to when I dont have a car. But anyways, I am done complaining for now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hectic one!

30 days to go! I am getting very nervous about making this dreaded journey to Haine's Alaska which is 775 miles away through the mountains. I guess the good news is that we sold our house, the bad news is that I am stressing about where we are going to live with the animals until we leave here. We are supposed to close on the 7th of December. The realtor told us we are aiming to close asap...Leave it to him though! TMO does not even move our stuff intil the 5th of December so I am not going to pay rent to the buyer or be kicked out of my home (well technically it will be the buyers home when we close)! That is how awful our realtor is and he probably does not care if we are homeless.

So again stressing because we have not found a house, nor do we want to find a house in Virginia until we get there. We dont want to buy a house that is in the ghetto and have to worry about being killed by gangsta robbers. But still once again I have no idea where we are going once we get to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia because the AF is so weird about making prior arangements to have a home its rediculous!!! AHHHHHH! I feel like screaming!

Reguardless of that my day is boring. I think I am going to organize my scraproom because it looks like a crazy scrapbooking girl has been throwing paper everywhere, Oh wait I have been ;0)