Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Photos!

Geez! It has been a while since I have posted! I have been a little under the weather.
Good news is that I finally got my prescription which I SWEAR helps my PCOS! I hate taking meds to feel better, but when you have PCOS anything is worth a try. My hormones have been so out of wack since I have had PCOS, I just want to feel better. But again back on the same road I have always been on with it...waiting because we dont have insurance anymore since Adam (hubby) has been laid off. We have both been looking for jobs but like the housing market, the job market sucks too! I miss my job at Invisible Fence. I miss my house in Virginia too.
ANYWAYS, enough complaining***
I have been learning how to do things in PhotoShop Elements 7.0! Thanks Amanda (My sister, the Panda) for letting me download it!Speaking of Panda...Look at this Sweatshirt my Mom, Haley, & I found at Goodwill. HA, you should have seen the look on her face. I wonder why I have not seen her wear it. I guess if she is ever invited to a Ugly Sweater party then she is all set. I would like to see that one!
Mitchell playing in the first snowfall of 2009!

Okay so these are my neices...One Sunday a month we celebrate birthdays at my MIL's house (our temporary living quarters) and Lily(Left) & Kaily(Right) got into Anns(MIL) makeup and put lipstick on. They were being silly...but they had a blast. on Bday Sunday I let the girls play in my craft area...They pretty much painted every table surface possible with paint. Good thing it was washable. But it was all worth it! Look at this BEAUTIFUL poster they made me. They each made pages and put them all together. The look on their faces was too cute when they were Soooooo excited to give it to me. I hung it up in my craft area. I love it. I save everything too, another one of my traits from Mommy Dearest ;)
So today is Sunday 7:50 am, I need to go get ready for Church!


Taryn said...

Man, I am sorry to hear that the hubby got laid off. Good luck with the jobs. Chris just barely made it through some layoffs, but there will be more in a month or so. the stress never stops. What kinda of job are you looking for?

Moving said...

I am sorry about your husband getting laid off!!! I hope you two find jobs VERY soon!!