Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dont EVER shop at Lens.com!

Lens.com! Whatever you do dont ever buy your contacts here. Not only did I get a bad batch of contacts from this place but when I tried to get the box replaced they sent me round and round in circles.

They never even verified the prescription with my Optician. When I called them letting them know that I was having problems with these lenses ripping in half, not fitting my eyes, and becoming foggy within 10 minutes of wearing them they told me that they needed to verify the prescription first, and that they would email me with a confirmation that they could replace them. I have been wearing this brand for 2 years and have never had problems like this.

So I waited and waited...called them a few times and they said we will be sending you an email...blah blah blah.

Finally I decided that I was pissed off enough to call because I cant fricken see anything.

The lady tells me after putting me on hold for 10 minutes..."we can not send out a replacement box out if we dont have all of the lenses returned to us". Which is not what they had told me A MONTH AGO! Grrr!

I told her "thanks for wasting my time and sight, just forget about me being a return customer or ever recommending you to anyone!"

VENTING!!! Ahhh I feel better!

Anyways, Dont shop there! You truly get what you pay for!

Thanks for reading, sorry to post something so negative but sometimes this blog is my free therapist!


Unknown said...

Ashley, I still don't think you should give up girl! Keep on pestering them with letters and such. Cause now you're out you contact lenes and money. Plus you have to spend more to get new lenes.
I had trouble with Shutterfly once and I kept emailing and calling and making trouble. Got my way eventually.
Don't let it stress you out, but do continue to follow through. Keep asking to speak to a supervisor.

Candy said...

Plus, I need some help with a banner for my blog for Moments In Time. Are you for hire?? hehehe

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