Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday, sunday, sunday!

Today hubby and I went to church. We were early today! I am so proud. We are never late for church service...just sunday school. I swear I am going to be late to my own funeral. My husband is always pushing me out of the bed in the morning he is still on military time.

So anyways we went to church and it was good. We received a plan from pastor Dave to read the WHOLE bible in a year. I am going to commit. My only problem is that I analyze everything to much. I dont like to study the bible if Adam is not around because I have to many questions and he references me to the answers in the bible. If I dont have answers to those questions I aimlessly search around for it. Anyways***

So after church we went back home and I took a quick nap because it was the Pastors quarter to go and sing at the Nursing Home. I love old people. But it is also sad too. Some lady who was sitting next to me asked me what time it was and I told her that it was nearly 2:30 and she said "I gotta go, I got to go to Bingo...I come here first for good luck." I was thinking to myself OH my word. What good luck do you need for Bingo in a nursing home, what do you win extra cookies at lunch? LOL

Anyways there was another woman running down the hallway saying "I am gonna call the cops on you". I ran the other way quickly, unsure if she was talking to me. JK!

So yeah, what an eventful day. I did some house cleaning and mopped the floors only to have the boys come in tracking muddy paws all over the floor just as I finished mopping. Those little turds. Good thing for swiffers. We finally got the whole christmas tree down. The cats are pissed now because they have no tree to climb and hide from each other.

Well anyways I am gonna go. I am working on this new blog of all my fab ideas. Check it out... It is a little of this and a little of that.