Monday, January 5, 2009

My Kids

I have not yet shown pictures of my kids...

This is Zoey, My spooky cat. I got her when I just turned 18. She was born in September of 2003. I wanted an all black female cat and she was the only one left. I paid $10 for her and I call her my panther!

Bailey - Bub dog was Adam, my hubbys birthday gift to me in 2005. We got him when we were stationed in Alaska. He is Lab Husky. He is the best behaved dog. His only weakness still is the trash when there is something yummy in it. Whitney - She is my fat cat...LOL! She is our rescue cat from Alaska. When we were thinking of getting a new kitten we went to this home of a rescue lady that had a million cats. People really called her the cat lady. Whitney was in poor condition, but she was the sweetest. We went to get a kitten but we got a huge old lady cat. As soon as we got her home we bathed her because she smelled like cat pee. The water was green and dirty. She is the only cat I know that loves baths. She purrs in the bathtub. I love her soo much. We were glad when her condition got better. The vet diagnosed her with asthma and allergies. Didnt know cats could have those but I guess they can.

Last but not least is Henry, he is our newest addition and boy is he a trip. He always runs through the house like he is on fire. He is soooo an add dog. He is over 1 year old and he still chews everything. My mother in laws house looks like a mine field with all the holes he has dug. He is funny though. He is a rescue from when we were stationed in Virginia. Here he is drinking out of the toilet...

and here he is when he got caught...

What a turd.


Anonymous said...

yay for furry kids! i have a dog and cat myself. the cat didn't make my blog title cause she's too evil! :)

prying1 said...


Glad to have met you and these pet of yours look so much better than the ones that adopted me.

I'm jealous. Wanna trade a couple?

Just kidding really.

You and yours are precious and am glad to link up with you.