Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Move!

Well I will tell you that I am terribly sick of moving. We are now in Indiana, where I started out. Adam just got a good job @ Benteler. I am wanting to get a job but for now I am going to wait until we get a house. Our home in VA has still not sold. I hope that it will sell soon. I am not really enjoying living with my mother. And the other thing is that living in her basement is not really my idea of fun. Its cold and full of our things because there is no room to put anything. But we are getting ready to have a garage sale. Not sure if it will happen but we will see. Not much planned for today. I am going to work out and go with my grandma to Hobby Lobby to decorate her bathroom Adam just redid. I will post pictures if I ever figure out how to. Until next time!!!