Saturday, February 7, 2009

Panda's 21st Birthday

You are probably wondering who Panda is??? If you read on in my blog you will see, but it is my younger sister Amanda. Since we were little I have called her Manda Panda. I have already posted this picture but I will again, for the fun of it...Plus I made it fun with my new love Photoshop Elements!!! Anyways we are taking her out to a Casino tonight! Not too fond of Casinos but It is where she wants to go. I will post pictures and details soon!


Unknown said...

Hope you're having a grand ol' time, I've never been to a casino but I'd actually like to go to one at least once!

Sounds like you had a great anniversary dinner! It doesn't have to be a fancy place for me to be happy as long as the food is good and I love me some comfort food!

CRAZY about that guy in the bar, tryin' to pick you up! I'm sure it was awkward but hey sista, it just means you've got it goin' on ☺! Good thing you've already found your price too!

You've had an exciting weekend so far, hope you get some rest tomorrow!

Moving said...

There is something for you over at my blog