Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little about me

Name five things in your purse.
Cell Phone
Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion
A magic wand...Lily put it in my purse to hold.

Name five things in your work room.
*Coffee Cup (I need a refill)
*My cat Zoey, I swear she has been laying in that same spot for 8 days.

Name five things you've always wanted to do.
*Get a job doing something I love...Somethin crafty.
*Travel to other countries...France, Germany, Spain, Italy
*Build a dream home, and decorate it.
*Have my own little Store with Home Decor stuff
*Finish my degree

Name five things you're into
*Bargain Shopping
*Martha Stewart


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Taryn said...

I would like to get a job that I love too. Maybe someday.